VBR PU College - Transforming Lives of Students

VBR PU College Transforming Lives of Students PU ( XI& XII) education is the most decisive phase in a student's career and also this is the most anxious time for the parent of these children, let us try to get an inside view of the emotions and anxieties faced by parents & students The Parent Being the parent of a present generation Adolescent kid is one of the most Challenging tasks in a Parent's life. By this time (of having a adolescent kid) every Parent would had a real life (hands on) experience of practical challenges, positives & negatives in this highly competitive and materialistic world. Their Key Concerns From the interactions with Parents, I have shortlisted few Key Concerns / Aspects which parents are really anxious about their children (a) Safety & Security (b) Health (c) Company (friends, circle) (d) Career Factors which are making the kids susceptible / vulnerable The minds of these adolescent kids are usually as tender and